Jenny Swan at Bodyfix Therapies in Horsham West Sussex. 28-12-2022 Photography by Sophie Ward

Approximately 70% of our total body mass is made up of musculoskeletal (MSK) tissue which, when injured, can cause horrible pain and restriction.  A combination of acupuncture, tui na and herbal medicine can offer great relief and help in correcting these problems whether they are acute or more ongoing conditions.

Every treatment begins with a thorough consultation so underlying causes can be ruled out and/or treated as well as the presenting problem.

Most treatments would then begin with a combination of Tui Na which is massage and manipulation.  This could be done either through your clothing or, if oils were to be used, directly onto your skin.  Where appropriate, other methods may be employed such as cupping, guasha, electro-acupuncture or ultra-sound. This is a hugely effective system for any kind of MSK pain.

Jenny Swan at Bodyfix Therapies in Horsham West Sussex. 28-12-2022 Photography by Sophie Ward

In the rare cases where relief cannot be obtained, Chinese herbs may be suggested also as an adjunctive therapy.  This could be in the form of an external cream or gel such as my Trauma Gel.  There are also other methods to help with pain such as an overnight plaster.  This uses herbs carefully selected for your condition, ground up and prepared so you can put them directly onto your skin overnight.  This has brought about seemingly miraculous results in some cases so always worth a try. Internal herbs are also extremely effective for conditions like gout, arthritis and the like.

I am overwhelmed with the results..

Jenny is a professional and wonderful therapist. she has amazed me with her knowledge and understanding. she does not judge and i have felt completely at ease and trusting of her skills. i have never had acupuncture before and i am overwhelmed with the results.. thank you Jenny for all your support.”

Tom Wells

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