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TCM is well versed in acute (sudden and intense) conditions and has a range of treatments to provide relief

Muscular / Skeletal

What treatments do we offer for musculoskeletal problems?


Longer than 3 months.

Jenny Swan at Bodyfix Therapies in Horsham West Sussex. 28-12-2022 Photography by Sophie Ward

Your Treatment

All treatments are entirely bespoke. Your medical concerns are fully explored at your first consultation and a treatment plan will be explained and discussed with you.

When people come to see a practitioner they may have only the pain or upsetting issue on their mind.  The practitioner however will be also wanting to address the root cause of the pain or upsetting issue.

Both of these are addressed at Bodyfix.

A Simple Approach

Many people haven't heard of Chinese medicine and even if they have, it may appear complex and beyond reach.

One of my joys in life is to take the complexities of Chinese medicine and make them accessible to people who are in pain or have been troubled with lingering illness for many years.

So many times, people have sat on my couch in tears, weeping while they tell me how they have suffered and haven't found effective help.

Often even several months later, they appear like different people due to power of this system.

It may sound too good to be true but believe the stories of my patients you see on my website.

Patient information

Before we meet for your first consultation and whether it is online or in person, I will ask you to complete a New Patient Intake Form, which you can access here.

This form will be the basis of our discussion when we first meet as the information it contains will help me understand your condition, its impact on your life and any treatment you may have received for it.

I will also ask you to email me (or bring with you to your first consultation) the results of any relevant blood test or other medical investigation.

What to expect

At your first consultation, I will ask you additional questions about your day-to-day routine and if there are other symptoms that might be linked to your condition. While addressing your primary concern, we might discover other areas that need attention.

Unique to Chinese medicine are the pulse and tongue readings taken as part of every consultation and treatment. The quality, rhythm and rate of your pulse, and the colour and state of your tongue, provide important information about your general health and are used to help inform your diagnosis and resulting treatment.

At the end of your first consultation I will tell you:

  • how Chinese medicine could help you
  • the most appropriate treatment plan for you and,
  • what to expect from treatment, including an indication of how quickly you might see an improvement. 
  • A key focus of Chinese medicine is to increase personal awareness of wellbeing and I will seek to highlight any self-help measures and lifestyle changes you should be making that will support your treatment; and
  • how Chinese herbs (if prescribed) can be taken. If your health concern is especially serious, infectious or difficult to treat I might prescribe dried herbs for you to boil and drink like soup or, for other situations, I might suggest you take them as a tea or tincture.  Alternatively, I might make an external preparation for you to rub into your skin, soak into your hands or feet or inhale as an essential oil. These are the most common methods for taking herbs.

Depending on the health concern, some patients who come to see me are also actively under the care of their GP or other medical consultants.  In these circumstances, I am always happy to discuss how Chinese medicine can fit with other treatments you’re receiving, how it can prepare you for any scheduled medical treatment or how it can help you recover quicker and more efficiently.

Our goal is to develop a treatment plan appropriate for your needs and to ensure it complements other medical treatments and your lifestyle.

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