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Jenny Swan at Bodyfix Therapies in Horsham West Sussex. 28-12-2022 Photography by Sophie Ward


“AFTER 4 YEARS I’M OUT OF PAIN. If there is anyone out there suffering with a Trigeminal Nerve problem, like I have been for the past four years, taking so much medication to stop spasms of the face when eating, drinking and cleaning teeth, then please call Jenny. I was suffering every day and in desperation I telephoned Jenny. After a long chat she thought she could help me so we decided to try acupuncture. Jenny thought I should be prepared to see her weekly for about 5 weeks and if no change we would stop. But after 2 visits I was out of pain for the first time in 4 years. Miracle? – no, her amazing skill. She is very professional and makes you so relaxed you just have to lay there and let the needles work.
From one of the world’s biggest sceptics and at the age of 72 I’m not one for trying something different. Thank you Jenny!”

Pat Twins

One of the wonderful things about Chinese medicine is that it has its own system of diagnosis so, even if you don't have a "label" for what is wrong with you, TCM practitioners are trained to diagnose your problem from your presenting conditions and treat you accordingly. Diagnosis and treatment is from a TCM perspective.

People often come to me with many issues but we always focus first on treating the most distressing or destructive.  At the same time, we aim to treat the underlying issue causing the problem in the first place.  As time progresses, and the most distressing condition begins to resolve, the balance of medicine changes to take account of other presenting issues and conditions.

Chronic conditions are where Chinese medicine excels and comes into its own.

The speed with which herbal medicine deals with your problem will likely depend on how long you have been experiencing your issues.  I am continually amazed at how a single course of herbs can bring significant relief to a severe problem.  Other problems may take longer to resolve but a course of herbs almost always positive change. The results of my patients speak for themselves.

Jenny Swan at Bodyfix Therapies in Horsham West Sussex. 28-12-2022 Photography by Sophie Ward

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