She is like gold dust!

I have practised martial arts in various formats for many years.  I have sustained a lot of injuries and seen a lot of therapists.

Jenny is a unique person with an incredible passion and depth of knowledge about the human body.  I have come to trust her hands, her mind and her medicine.  She is like gold dust!  Don’t ever retire Jenny.

I have regular Tui Na massage which keeps my muscles loose and flexible and thus I get injured less.  When I do get injured, Jenny has helped with Tuina, acupuncture and herbal therapy in various forms.

I also have a monthly acupuncture “tune up” session for mental relaxation.  I work in the corporate world and this really helps keeps me balanced and relaxed.  I notice that I get more anxious when I can’t get in to see her once a month so plan for the next 6 months!

Unfortuantely I also have a long term skin (auto-immune) condition but the Chinese herbs seem to be keeping this under control with a relatively low dose which I am delighted about.

Mike Hardy