Herbal Trauma Gel

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The Herbal Trauma Gel is my best-selling product to date. My patients come back again and again for this wonder-Gel.

It contains 16 Chinese herbs (Da Huang, Huang QIn, Huang Bai, Pu Gong Yin, Zhi Zi, Hong Hua, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao, Su Mu, Hai Feng Tang, Wei LIng Xian, San Qi, Xue Jie, Qiang Huo, Niu Xi and Camphor) in a Coconut oil and Shea butter base. Essential Oils include Camphor, Sweet Orange, Lavender and Lemon.
It it used for any muskular skeletal pain. Best used at night and left to soak in. Do wear a t-shirt or pyjama bottoms, as due to the powerful herbs, it can stain. (It does wash out.) It can also be re-applied at any time during the day to ease pain or stiffness.
My patients have used it for frozen shoulders, back pain, hamstring pain, nerve pain, and even headaches.
You have to try it to believe it but I firmly believe every household should have one in their bathroom cabinet!
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