Who is Jenny?

My journey towards treating the whole body (hence the name Bodyfix Therapies) started in London in the 1990s where I taught step-aerobics and other similar fitness classes in local gyms. After qualifying as a lawyer in 1999, I moved to Horsham where, after having 3 children, I became a Personal Trainer, working with clients one-to-one and running local bootcamps. I obtained further qualifications in Fitness Pilates and Sports Massage, and incorporated these into my therapeutic work with clients.  I also worked closely with a Physiotherapist for several years.

Searching for a more complete treatment I explored the world of Osteopathy and did a Canadian online course. Whilst this was a wonderful and more complete education, I was still hungry ...

My professional search ended when I discovered the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the 2000s and this unique take on the human body and treatment of health issues. As a physical therapist, it was a natural step for me to start learning Tui Na, a type of medical massage and manipulation used in China. This then led very naturally to my study of Acupuncture, which is very effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems and a variety of health imbalances (e.g. anxiety, digestive issues, chronic pain, skin problems etc etc).

After embedding these disciplines for a few years, I finally embarked on studying Chinese herbs after meeting Andrew Flower in 2018.  He was just starting his White Crane Academy 3 Year Chinese Herbal Medicine Diploma Course and I was privileged to be one of his first students.

Chinese herbal medicine is a relatively new discipline in the UK (c. 50 years) but herbs have been part of healthcare in China for many centuries and are used extensively in other East Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Over 400 plants are used in Chinese herbal medicine, including many that are common in the West such as cinnamon, ginger, mint and goji berry.

I am now delighted to offer my patients a comprehensive range of skills to help them recover their health.

To add to this list, I am currently studying "Yang Sheng" which is the study of longevity.  This involves looking at our diet and learning to use food as medicine and re-evaluating our lifestyle choices.

My family and myself recently moved to mid-Devon where we are currently renovating a beautiful country cottage.  The plan is for patients who need a medical intervention to be able to come and stay in this beautiful place and receive daily treatment to help them turn a corner in their health.

The cottage will also be available on AirB&B and also for those who need time to de-stress and would also like to receive tailored treatment during their stay.

I draw on my learning from the different disciplines I have studied to provide a bespoke treatment for each person. My patients tell me that they value the whole-person approach to health that I use.

It is my pleasure and privilege to have time with my patients.   It is my joy to see people who often come to me broken, sick and devoid of hope, turn a corner and find light and joy in life as they regain their physical and mental health.

Professional Qualifications

Chinese Herbalist - White Crane Academy

Chinese Acupuncturist - Body Harmonics

Tuina Massage and Manipulation Therapist - Body Harmonics

Sports Massage Practitioner - Sports Performance Services

Fitness Pilates Teacher & Personal Trainer