Worth her weight in gold

As an ex-athlete, I have used Sports Massage, Physio and Osteopathy for years. I have various on-going MSK issues which I have to manage so need help on a regular basis. I have met so many lovely health professionals over the years and received help for which I am grateful.
I was left high and dry 3 months ago when my Osteopath moved to Wales. Someone had recommended Chinese medicine and in particular Tui Na, Acupuncture and Cupping to me. The only person who I could find in the West Sussex area with great reviews for Tui Na was Jenny so I went to her with high hopes. I can honestly say I was not disappointed.
She did a full consultation and knows me now better than I know myself. I feel like I have found a true Dr – what Dr’ng should be. She keeps me in health and prevents ill-health from happening….
My experience of Tui Na left me feeling wrung out to dry the first time but the next day I experienced movement I hadn’t had since I was 15. Next time I had the Cupping therapy which is better than any deep tissue massage and without the pain of it.
I now see Jenny on a monthly and on-going basis and if I am dealing with something, she is my go-to person.
I haven’t had the herbs yet as haven’t needed to but it’s good to know she has me covered … she is worth her weight in gold